17-Year-Old Leylah Fernandez Advances To WTA Semifinal

Leylah Fernandez is set to face off against the incredibly popular Renata Zarazua at the Mexican Open for her 1st ever WTA semifinal.

According to cbc.ca, Leylah Fernandez from Quebec Canada is set to face off against Renata Zarazua, a favourite among citizens of Mexico. As the semifinals are set to take place in Mexico, Fernandez isn’t expecting any support from the audiences. The pro athlete is intent upon focusing all her energy on the game rather than the opposition from the crowd. Zarazua entered the semifinals as a wild card and is the first Mexican tennis player since 1993 to compete in a WTA tour semifinal.

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When asked about Renata Zarazua, Fernandez stated that Renata is and always has been a fantastic player. She respects the fact that Renata is playing at home, and she looks forward to the matchup.

In order to qualify for the WTA semifinal, Fernandez had to compete with and beat several higher-ranking opponents. Most notably being the win over Anastasia Potapova, an 18-year competitor from Russia. According to Fernandez, competing against Anastasia was a lot tougher than she had expected. She also reportedly was incredibly pleased with her performance and commended Anastasia on hers.

Regardless of whether or not Fernandez wins the semifinals, she’ll rise through the rankings by 51 slots at the very least. If she wins, she could find herself rising nearly into the top 100. This trend is only expected to continue for Leylah. With her career going so well so early in her life, analysts expect she’ll be in the top 50 in no time at all.

Fernandez’s career has seen countless successes. Successes that only seem to be happening more and more often for Fernandez. Analysts projected her rise back in 2019 following her win over Belinda Bencic in the Fed Cup. In doing so, Fernandez qualified for the Australian Open for the first time in her career.

Renata Zarazua and Lela Fernandez’s counterparts are Great Britain’s Heather Watson and China’s Xiyu Wang. Heather Watson is the world’s number 7 player.