Bayern Contract Extended Through 2023 By Neuer

Manuel Neuer, a german goalkeeper, has extended his Bayern Munich contract through June of 2023. The contract follows lengthy protracted negotiations. 

According to TSN News, the captain of Bayern Munich has extended his contract through 2023. 34-year-old Manuel Neuer is a goalkeeper and is arguably one of the best. Following protracted negotiations, the extension was finalized. According to Oliver Kahn, a former goalkeeper and a board member said that he completely understood the extension. He understands that the direction in which Manuel chose to venture was one he probably would have taken as well. He also believes that the extension came with a strong signal, and that really shows this extension is what’s important to Neuer. 

Bayer’s announcement to sign Nuble (a 23-year-old player) came in January. The deal entails a five-year free transfer. The former captain of Schalke had also been offered an extension, but he declined, which therefore let Bayern step in and take his place. 

Nubel was reportedly dropped from Schalke after a series of less than satisfactory performances. There is speculation however, that he’ll be offered another deal considering the player who replaced him is also not performing to the desired level. Some analysts say he’s actually performing worse than Nubel had when he was dropped. 

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Neuer joined Bayern in 2011 after leaving Schalke. He ended up winning the Champions League back in 2013, the German World Cup in 2014, five German Cups, and seven Bundesliga titles. Neuer has also been dubbed the best goalkeeper in the entire world four times.