Types of Tennis Rackets – How to Choose the Best One

When buying or evaluating the different types of tennis rackets, either because you want to buy a new tennis racket, there are a variety of aspects that can be useful to consider such as weight, length, head size, frame stiffness and materials. In this article, we will see the three most common types of tennis rackets and we will help you distinguish the differences between each type of racket since you may have doubts between one or the other.

We have also compiled and selected by hand our list of the best tennis racquets for beginners 2020 to help you make the right choice.

Types of Tennis Rackets

Power Tennis Racquets

As you may have guessed, power tennis rackets help players hit the ball more aggressively with less effort. As a result, these types of tennis rackets are often classified and recommended for beginners who have not yet developed the proper technique, form and skill to generate their own power. However, this type of tennis racket can also be a great option for smaller players or for men and women who simply do not have much strength and struggle to generate adequate power. Common features of these rackets include:

  • An oversized head
  • Large in length
  • Rigid frame
  • Lighter construction

An oversized head often works well for two common reasons. First, the larger the head, the more power the racket will bring, think of the trampolines.

The larger it is, the more “elasticity/lever” it has, therefore, the more power it can provide. A larger head also provides a larger sweet spot and a larger impact surface, which allows for a greater margin of error, something that many beginning players will benefit from.

The length of a tennis racket can also have a great impact on the power of a racket. The longer the racket, the more influence a player has when swinging, which allows the player to generate more power.

In addition, these types of rackets often have rigid frames. A rigid frame is one that does not flex so much when it comes in contact with a tennis ball.

Ultimately, this allows the ball to bounce faster, with greater speed and less effort.

And finally, a lighter construction is another common feature of power tennis rackets, which helps make the racket easier to balance and less stressful for your arm.

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