Best Tennis Racquet for Beginners in 2019 [Buyer’s Guide]

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Those who are looking to buy the best tennis racquet for beginners in 2019 and are confused about the choice have arrived at just the place. We are here to guide you to make this choice. The process of evaluation will be simple and you will have the luxury to choose from 13 top-of-the- chart products.

Each product that we are recommending here is listed with their qualities, peculiarities along with pros and cons. The decision of selecting the best tennis racquet will be entirely yours depending on your style and level of play. We have simply put out all the facts of each product on the table for you to decide. Our recommendations are purely academic and aimed at best intentions for you. We are going to make your life just a bit simpler by putting out our thoroughly researched recommendations with all the necessary riders.

This is the briefest list of best tennis racquets available on the market in 2019. You will love the details that are served here. And by the time you finish going through this exhaustive list, you will have a clear picture of what you want for yourself. It will also transform you into some kind of a guru on tennis racquet technologies.

While going through the list, you will be well advised to clearly understand all the attributes of the various tennis racquets, and why we have ranked them as such. You will also be well placed to decide on your choice of racquet by visiting each product’s Amazon page through the links provided here. It will give you more insights and also help you decide on price comparisons.

The list is in descending order of merit as per us. But that is purely our standpoint. Feel free to choose the product that suits you best. All these racquets are of top comparable quality and only your wisdom, style and level of play should decide your final choice. We are just your facilitators in making that choice.

So what are we waiting for? Dive deep into this article and make the perfect decision of selecting the best tennis racquet for yourself. And finally when you do so, just spare a thought for us, since we also have been partners in this journey of yours.


Cheers & Keep reading!!

Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners [Amazon’s Top Chart]

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Top 13 Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners in 2019 [Experts Review]

1) Babolat Pure Strike

babolat pure strike tennis racket for beginnersBabolat Pure Strike 16×19 is the ultimate answer for players searching for a responsive, attacking frame that blends power, spin and control into one single frame.

Babolat Pure Strike 16×19 combines three technologies of FSI Power, Woofer and Hybrid Frame Construction to pack the ultimate punch.

FSI Power technology provides more spacing between the cross strings, resulting in more power, spin, and comfort while striking the ball.
Woofer technology allows the strings to move freely, thereby working together for a larger sweet spot, additional power, and less shock.
Hybrid Frame Construction provides for a unique combination of control and power. That makes it highly responsive and providing wonderful feel and precision.

In our opinion, Babolat’s Pure Strike is meant for players who like to attack the net. This racquet gives them the opportunity to use a well-balanced frame that performs magnificently across a wide range of strokes.

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  • Babolat Pure Strike is easy to maneuver and hence can be effortlessly brought into position for groundstrokes, as also be a winning factor at the nets. This factor of maneuverability also helps in percentage returns, when there is very little time to react.
  • Among the racquets in Babolat stables, this frame is more flexible and hence is more generous towards players with tennis elbow.
  • Precision and control that is provided by this technology come at a cost of slight compromise with power. Hence some baseline players may be left looking for some more punch in their shots.
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2) Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racket

Babolat Pure AeroBabolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet is the racquet of choice of Rafael Nadal and hence achieves a celebrity status of sorts. The defining feature of the Aero series is the Aeromodular beam construction for less wind drag and increased racquet head speed. This allows the racquet to swing quickly through the air.

In 2019 this racquet has got some nice upgrades and a beautiful bright yellow and black finish. Babolat Pure Aero 2019 incorporates Babolat’s Cortex Pure Feel which makes it a little more arm friendly by reducing shock and vibration when in contact with the ball.

Babolat’s FSI Spin technology enables the racquet to generate increased topspin. On top of that, 100 square inch head size and stiff frame with a 67 flex rating help the racquet to generate fabulous power. This heady combination of power and topspin is the killer’s punch to watch out for.
In our considered opinion, this racquet is best suited for players who love to hit with topspin and slug it out from the baseline.

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  • The super-potent combination of power and topspin gives Babolat Pure Aero unmatchable advantage at the baseline. It is comfortable and easy to swing, which makes for quick returns when in a spot.
  • Pure Aero packs a punch with fantastic power and topspin, which endears it to all.
  • At the nets, Pure Aero requires a bit of adjustment and delicate handling because of the extra power that the stiffer frame generates. This means that it may not be the first choice of players who like to rush to the net and finish the point early.
  • Though Pure Aero 2019 version has a less stiff frame than it’s predecessors, yet one feels that a little more could be done to the stiffness in order to help players with tennis elbow.
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3) Yonex EZONE DR 98 Black/Blue16x19 [Experts Choice]

Yonex EZONE DR 98The Yonex EZONE 98 Blue/Black 16×19 Tennis Racquet feels firm, plays accurately and also imparts extra spin.

The trademark ISOMETRIC SQUARE HEAD SHAPE results in a 48% larger sweet spot than most of its competitors.

Shaft flexes on impact, minimizing unwanted vibration. In addition, three layers of Quake Shut Gel are added to the handle, resulting in less frame shock and vibration.

Graphite layer on upper hoop reduces frame flex, resulting in more power. Yonex’s Nanometric DR carbon graphite composition allows the frame to flex while snapping back into place on contact.

The lower flex rating of 62 makes it a control-oriented tennis racquet. Moreover, the racquet offers plenty of topspin with 16×19 string pattern.

In our considered opinion, Yonex EZONE 98 Blue/Black 16×19 Tennis Racquet is the perfect option for intermediate and advanced players seeking a technologically advanced racket for a clear competitive edge.

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  • EZONE DR 98 provides a unique level of control when compared to other similar control-oriented racquets. This control can be experienced both at the baseline and up at the net. The degree of control one experiences with this racquet is unmatchable, which translates into a player’s confidence level getting boosted.
  • This racquet has an excellent touch, which more than compensates for the slight loss of power. This is again a confidence-boosting feature of the racquet.
  • Higher degree of control imparted to the racquet will naturally decrease the power quotient and has to be accepted as a technical trade-off.
  • Slightly decreased power is the darker side of this racquet which a power-oriented player may not appreciate.
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4) Babolat Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racquet for Beginners [Best on Public Opinion]

Babolat Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racquet for beginnersThis is a really good and forgiving racket. It gives you a pretty big margin of error. You don’t have to be in perfect form and yet you can hit a decent shot with it. Balls which seem to be going out, often drop within these frames.

This racquet is Babolat’s lightest Pure Drive. Hence it is excellent for intermediate and young players with its lightness and forgiving nature.

Shock-absorbing material integrated into the carbon fiber gives it a very comfortable and controlled play.

The string mounting and spacing is also precisely engineered to give optimal control and spin.

Active cortex technology at the top of the racquets handle, reduces shock and vibration during ball contact.

FSI technology combined with the woofer system increases power, and the size of the sweet spot allows the strings to work together. In the meantime a tighter string pattern within the sweet spot aids in control.

In our considered opinion, this racquet is best suited for powerplay and big-serving players, as it combines power and control with the techniques discussed above.

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  • Tennis Racquet with Internal Cortex System, FSI Power Technology and Woofer Technology.
  • With such power-packed technology, it is easy to generate power and control. It is, therefore, a very potent weapon in the hands of a big serving player.
  • Apart from service, this technology of providing power with less weight provides for easy swing without having to exert too much muscle power.
  • It also imparts excellent topspin to keep the ball in the court, which is attributable to its technology of providing control.
  • This racquet is not suitable for players with tennis elbow since it has got a stiff frame.
  • Players who are used to heavy racquets to generate power may find it little disconcerting to adjust with.
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5) Yonex VCORE Pro Tennis Racket for Beginners

Yonex VCORE Pro tennis racket for beginners

The Yonex V-Core Pro 97 310G is a racquet that can please anyone with more spin, speed and bounce.

With the incorporation of the following technologies, this racquet gives more devastating power and heavy drives.

  • The high-density Black MicroCore material is infused in key areas of the frame to increase spin and stability.
  • Isometric technology provides a 7% larger sweet spot, and a light balanced head makes it nice and maneuverable.
  • The NAMD graphite technology gives the frame a unique flex with a fast snapback.
  • The Lock Booster System improves the grommet design, which promotes string contact for efficient energy transfer and swing power.

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  • Yonex VCORE Pro 97 provides a high level of control without sacrificing too much power. Its maneuverability makes it a wonderful contro-oriented racquet.
  • The racquet is easy to swing and generates considerable racquet head speed for reliable and well-placed groundstrokes.
  • The racquet has excellent feel off the ground and at the nets.
  • Since it is control-oriented racquet, there is bound to be some loss of power. However, it does not give up as much power as other control-oriented racquets.
  • In the description, it says its good for the advanced player but our experts ensured that its also a great choice for the beginners
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6) Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racket for Beginners

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 AutographRoger Federer has partnered with Wilson to redesign the new Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph Tennis racquet.

This racquet is now even better than before with Roger Federer Autograph and 97 Square Inch Head Size.

This racquets is all about control and redefines the meaning. It is a wonderful weapon in the hands of a control-oriented player.

The racquet makes use of a unique torsion control system that places extra weight on the sides of the racquet-head at 3 and 9 o’clock.
It’s a control-oriented tennis racquet that rewards intermediate to advanced players who can confidently swing it, as it has a smaller 97 square inch head and heavy strung weights of 12.6 ounces.
Like Roger Federer’s signature model, the frame received a few stylistic refinements. It includes a sleek matte black velvet finish that is soft to the touch also chrome highlights. And also the laser engravings which makes it a unique tennis racket.

In our opinion, this racquet is great for aggressive beginner players. It is a force to reckon with if you are one such player, displaying aggression without any hesitation.

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  • While hitting volleys the racquet is incredibly stable with a high level of accuracy inconsistent shot-making.
  • Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph has a unique and weighty feel while serving, hitting groundstrokes and approaching the net.
  • It allows you to hit crisp and controlled volleys with little effort. It is a great racquet for those who like to rush to the net.
  • It lends itself superbly while slicing and can neutralize even an aggressive top-spin shot.
  • Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph with its heavier weight may feel difficult to maneuver at times, especially if you’re a beginner or you are used to playing with lighter racquets.
  • It may require a little adjustment in playing style since it combines technology and heavy racket weight to generate power.
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7) Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro beginners Tennis Racket

HEAD Graphene 360 Speed ProGraphene 360 and graphite frame has a good feel of the ball. With denser 18×20 string pattern, it gives precision to shotmakers who require the utmost in control. Its many advantages are discussed in succeeding paras.
This racquet delivers excellent performance from the baseline allowing for big groundstrokes with heavy topspin. Even the returns can be managed with plenty of maneuverability.
It creates the most optimal energy transfer from frame to the ball resulting in more power without sacrificing precision shot-making.
This racquet feels light and gives an excellent response that is stable and precise.
Our opinion is that Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro allows for aggressive play with plenty of top-spin from all areas of the baseline and exhibits wonderful maneuverability.

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  • This racquet is a dream for players who want extreme control. especially from the baseline. The easy swing with precision returns through top-spin is an absolute clincher for this racquet.
  • The maneuverability of the racquet is a treat to behold. This comes to the fore when the opponent is getting aggressive and this racquet allows you to return easily with better precision and ease of swing and handling.
  • The effortless swinging of the racquet allows for superb groundstrokes, without the player realizing the speed that the racquet generates through the swing.
  • with all the advantage of precision, comes the disadvantage of less power. It is but natural that the design to give precision will ultimately demand its pound of flesh, which is seen in terms of less power generation.
  • This is not so good news for players who rely on big booming serves. They will not be satisfied with the performance of this racquet.
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8) Wilson Ultra Tour Tennis Racket

wilson ultra tour tennis racketWilson Ultra Tour, endorsed by Gael Monfils and Madison Keys, is a control-oriented racquet.

The 97 sq. inch head size and 18×20 string pattern combine to provide exceptional control that suits traditional players.

Ultra Tour provides excellent feedback to players so that they stay connected to the ball whether it off serves, from the baseline or at the net.

It is flexible and is great for playing with depth and control.

The Wilson Ultra Tour provides players with wonderful control with a less strung weight of
11.4 ounces.
The Ultra Tour comes with a smaller but relatively forgiving 97 square inch head, and a dense 18×20 string pattern. The racquet has a lower 63 stiffness rating and a thinner beamwidth of 21mm all around.
The above-mentioned features allow this racquet to control centric. However, the lighter weight will help players generate plenty of racquet head speed culminating in power production.
In our opinion, Wilson Ultra Tour is likely to appeal to a wide range of players as a control-oriented tennis racquet.

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  • Control is the hallmark of this racquet. It displays an amazing level of control on the court, off the ground and at the nets.
  • Groundstrokes are wonderful to play with confidence, as the frame is easy to swing. The weight of the lower portion of the racquet provided plenty of maneuverability though sacrifices much stability.
  • The Wilson Ultra Tour is a control centric racquet and players will have to use their skills to generate that extra power. With the smaller 97 square inch head and tighter 18×20 string pattern it is difficult to produce top-spin. The ball stays a bit flatter.
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9) Wilson Blade 98 Countervail Racket for tennis

Wilson Burn 98 CountervailWilson Blade 98 18×20 CV (Countervail) tennis racket is the perfect racquet for players wanting a great deal of control, combined with a frame that protects the arm and lessens fatigue in the 2nd and 3rd sets.

This racquet is great for players of all levels.

Countervail (special carbon fiber dampens vibration/shock), Parallel Drilling (increases sweet spot), Braided Graphite + Basalt (increases feel, dwell time on strings, and control) are the technologies used in this racquet.

At its core, this is a control-oriented player first choice for a tennis racquet.
The Wilson Blade 98 Countervail also takes advantage of parallel drilling. The brand claims up to a 27% increase in the sweet spot through parallel drilling.

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  • Wilson Blade Countervail weighs in at 11.3 ounces. The Head is 98 square inch and tighter 18×20 string pattern that delivers control. Hence it is a lightweight package that is able to provide control, unlike other competitors.
  • It is a very stable racquet in spite of its lightweight and a mid-range flex rating of 65. This helps ensure consistent and reliable contact with the tennis ball.
  • The Wison Blade Countervail 18×20 ensures a pleasant and comfortable hitting experience with all its applied technological innovations.
  • With Wilson Blade Countervail, some players may like to wish for higher levels of top-spin with its tighter 18×20 string pattern.
  • Players may need to work harder to tap into the potential of higher top-spin.
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10) Wilson Burn 100 Countervail

Wilson Burn 100 Countervail racket for tennisThe Wilson Burn 100S CV Tennis Racquet continues to generate power to blast shots from the baseline, but now Countervail technology has been proven to provide players with 30% less racquet vibration, 10% less arm fatigue and 40% better shot control.
The Wilson Burn Countervail is an upgraded version of the original Wilson Burn to cater for a wide range of beginner tennis players.
In this racquet, all grommet holes are intentionally drilled parallel. So that each other to increase the size of the sweet spot while delivering a more forgiving feel.

It makes use of the shaft called X2. That’s why the throat of the racquet is shortened slightly which allow for a longer handle. It also has X2 ergo that allows inserts to be placed towards the top portion of the handle to provide for a good backhand grip.

With the countervail technology incorporated, this racquet has come off as a good choice for players using different styles, as it caters for both power and control while being easy on the physicals of the players.
In our opinion, the Burn Countervail is a well- balanced tennis racquet that excels in all areas of the tennis court. It has the ability to produce excellent topspin and fantastic baseline returns.

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  • It is easy to swing racquet that consistently delivers on power and topspin. It gives wonderful results from the baseline.
  • It performs well on returns due to its maneuverability and has a respectable level of stability.
  • It provides fantastic topspin; and with 100 square inch head, combined with the 16×19 string pattern, it provides plenty of grip with the topspin.
  • Wilson Burn Countervail delivers high control and high power level. But this higher power level may be little too much for some intermediate players to handle.
  • The racquet has a wee bit higher stiffness and may prove little uncomfortable for someone with tennis elbow.
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11) Prince Phantom Pro 100 Tennis Racket

Prince Phantom Pro 100 tennis racketPhantom Pro 100 is one of the best tennis racquet for beginners with a solid beam is a nice improvement on a previously lower-scoring frame.

Phantom provides ample surface. Which makes a clean connection with the ball and avoiding miss-hits, while also flaunting a 16×18 string pattern that generates topspin without much effort.

Moreover, it has 11.4oz strung weight and a low stiffness rating of 54, which suit control-oriented players looking for an arm-friendly racquet.
Phantom Pro 100 achieves stability without increasing its stiffness rating through the use of Textreme.
Phantom Pro 100, like its predecessors, uses Constant Taper System (CTS) that transitions from a thinner 16mm shaft for flexibility to a thicker 20mm head to deliver more power.
In our opinion, Phantom Pro 100 has transitioned into a serious contender and is a racquet worth considering by control-oriented players.

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  • Phantom Pro 100 is a good companion at the baseline and at the nets. It combines control with adequate top-spin.
  • It is highly maneuverable, which is a great asset at the nets and in crisis situations.
  • It is highly comfortable to play with and is a boon for players who want some arm-friendly racquet for various reasons.
  • With some players, control provided in this racquet may be an issue, while some players may think power is not sufficient. However, it is the compromise of these two factors that provide for a fine balance. Power and control have to be traded off against each other and this racquet does just the same.
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12) Yonex VCORE 98 (305)

yonex vcore 98 tennis racket reviewYonex VCORE 98 (305) tennis racquet is thin-beamed professional racquet designed for maximum control. It has a smaller head size and16x19 string pattern, which is less dense and designed with a spin in mind. The 11.4oz weight is good enough for off-centered shots. ISOMETRIC SQUARE HEAD SHAPE results in a 48% larger sweet spot. Shaft flexes on impact, minimizing unwanted vibration.
The deep groove in the shaft improves racket stiffness and reduces twisting, NANOMETRIC XT: Flexible carbon fiber that improves response and feels. AERO TRENCH GROMMETS: Submerged
grommets reduce wind drag, enabling greater swing speed.
NAMD: Flexible graphite material provides optimal frame snapback upon contact.

With all the above-mentioned technologies incorporated, it is our opinion that this racquet delivers a strong punch and hence deserves consideration.

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  • This racquet generates plenty of power and topspin for a heavy ball that stays deep in the court. Hence i is a very stable candidate for baseline play.
  • This racquet is meant for generating spin and does its job to perfection. You can even rely on it at the nets for its stable performance in directing the ball.
  • It generates enough pop to give stiff competition to all its competitors.
  • With its high power and pop, there is a slight compromise on control, which at times can be felt when dealing with groundstrokes.
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13) Prince TXT Warrior 100 Tennis Racquet

Prince TXT Warrior 100 Tennis RacquetPrince Warrior is an ultimate baseline racquet, with the easy access to power and spin, which is ideal for the modern game and a perfect best tennis racquet for beginners.

This racquet is John Isner’s racquet of choice. Prince Warrior has new racquet material that increases stability without sacrificing flexibility. This will augment your game with spin and power.
The head is 100 square inch, and the string pattern is 16*18.

There is enough grip to enhance your top-spin.

This updated version of Prince’s Warrior 100 txt warrior, has a specialized ultra-thin carbon fiber fabric. Which increases strength and rigidity. Also it doesnt add considerable weight. The result helps enhance the racquet’s power, control and feel.

It’s a user-friendly tennis racquet that most players find easy to maneuver from all areas of the tennis court.

In our opinion, Prince TXT Warrior 100 is a great tennis racquet that will please most of the players since it provides enough power while displaying adequate control. However, it is more stacked towards the power side.

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  • Two things which come out strongly in favor of this Warrior are power and spin. The head combined with the open 16×18 string pattern generates plenty of topspin on the shots without having to work too hard.
  • It’s wonderful for baseline play. Warrior Textreme works well with light head balance which allows for easy maneuverability of the racquet.
  • Warrior TXT certainly may be short of some control while it delivers a powerful punch, though the power with all its technological addition is not very overpowering.
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How to choose a tennis racket for beginners

Tennis is one of the most practiced racket sports in the world. There are many factors to consider when you are going to buy a tennis racket, so we want to make you a small guide so that, when you go to buy it from your sports store or make the order of some that we have recommended you buy, know that you are getting the best of the best and always with a good price.

That is not heavy

The reason is obvious a lightweight beginner racket will make handling easier. The person can play for longer without getting tired or his wrist hurts. Heavy rackets are more difficult to move, a more experienced tennis player can handle them without problems because he has already trained the muscles used for this sport. The right racket for a beginner should be easy to lift and balance.

  • Children up to 15 years: rackets weighing between 240-275 g
  • Adults: rackets of about 275-285 grams

That the sieve or racket head is large

For a beginner, it is more important than the head size be large than flexibility. A flexible racket provides less power and control. But these factors when you start playing tennis you still don’t appreciate them. A racket to learn to play must have a large hitting surface or sieve. This favors having a bigger sweet spot. In addition to having longer strings provide a softer hit.

Rigid frame

In the previous section, I commented a rigid or moderately rigid frame is better for a beginner, it will make it easier to hit the ball better. Almost all aluminum rackets are flexible, while other materials such as graphite and boron-kevlar offer frames with greater rigidity.

Grip size

It is important to think of many children and teenagers who have small hands. Having a good grip on the racket is essential if the fist is thick and the small hand this will not happen. The person will grip the handle tightly and each stroke can tire the muscles and even cause an injury.


Racket price and material

Fortunately, you can find cheap tennis rackets for beginners, for less than 25 euros. As for the materials, the cheapest rackets are usually made of aluminum. It is the low range between 25-50 euros, but as we said before these rackets are very flexible and for a beginner, it is better to be somewhat more rigid. The mid-range is between 60 and 120 euros which are where we can find materials such as graphite and fiberglass They are the best for beginners.




Characteristics of Tennis Rackets

Tennis rackets are made up of different elements that shape their characteristics depending on how they are designed. These are the ones to pay attention to:


This is the size of the racket, which can vary from 685 centimeters to 760 cm. This factor will determine how manageable they are and the power they can print at each hit. If they are larger, the point of impact of the ball will be farther from the handgrip and will weigh more, which makes them more difficult to control, but more powerful movements can be made. Therefore, to gain driving, beginner tennis rackets have to be the shortest models.


The weight, as explained briefly in the previous section, has an impact on the control and power when using a racket. This usually ranges between 240 and 340 grams, approximately. The level of play, age, height and personal weighing will determine how much the chosen racket should be. For beginners, those that do not exceed 275 or 280 grams would be appropriate. Those around 300 and 340 grams are only for those who already have the strength and handling of an advanced player.


The head of the racket, that is, the area with which the ball is hit. If it is larger, it will provide more control and less power and vice versa. Initiates must opt ​​for those that have a larger area in order to have more surface with which to impact the ball. Therefore they must opt ​​for those that are between 64.5 and 71 square centimeters. The most advanced and competitors use those with a sieve between 63 and 64.5 square centimeters as Rafa Nadal and Martín Del Potro do when they play in Wimbledon, for example.


A tennis racket can distribute its weight towards the handle or towards the head. To know this factor you have to pay attention to the number that appears in the heart , the part that joins both parts. This can range from 29 cm to 37 cm. The balance would be in the 32. If you have more, the weight falls more on the head, which helps to print more power to the blows at the cost of less control. If the weight is distributed to the handle, the figure will be lower.

Stringing pattern

This characteristic refers to the amount of vertical and horizontal ropes in the sieve. If it is closed, there will be little space between strings because there are more of these and it favors greater control. When it is open, that is, there is more space because there are fewer strings, you can hit with more power and print effects to the ball.


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The importance of a racket for beginners

All new activity must begin to be practiced little by little and following certain guidelines. Tennis is no exception and in terms of rackets, for beginners, there are indeed certain that are more suitable than others.

The importance of having a tennis racket for beginners lies in the fact that the first workouts require agility, less weight and comfort, then go on to power, speed and more.

And that is exactly what a beginner’s racket offers, the most comfortable and light way to start practicing this incredible sport.


Why buy a Tennis racket for beginners?

Starting on the right foot is important both in tennis, football, basketball, badminton and any sports routine, and usually, when you start practicing these sports you buy the first sports equipment for beginners that are the best way to start to manage in terms of coordination and accustom our body to what we are doing.

But many times the rush to become the best makes us skip the first steps that are so important in the world of sports. You should not do that!

That is why we will tell you three reasons why you should buy an initiation tennis racket:

  • Because your body is not yet accustomed to carrying the weight of a professional racket with which you could not only not perform in the same way during workouts, but risk risking an injury that could ruin your future.

  • Because they are much cheaper than professionals and you can learn to master the art of tennis with a much cheaper and at the same time adequate equipment and thus prepare for when it is time to invest in a more expensive racket.

  • Because the rackets for beginners are ergonomically designed for the body of novice athletes who do not yet face each other in major championships, preparing the body and coordinating for the next level.


What is the best tennis racquet for beginners?

Having very clear the level of play that we are going to face is essential to be able to choose the racket well, as well as our complexion, strength and abilities.

But beyond all that, you should know what a tennis racket for beginners is and what it has to offer.

It is a type of racket that by its design and features allows players to learn the sport in a simple way and at the same time enjoy the game.

Those who manufacture this type of rackets think they are the type that improves the game, especially because they are light, a little bigger and more flexible.

An ideal beginner tennis racket must have a good weight that makes the person who learns the game a little more skilled and develops strong blows, a large head for greater consistency on the playing field, flexibility to not decrease the energy of the ball , but rather multiply it avoiding injuries at the same time and comfortable, because in any sport being comfortable is vital.


What are its advantages?

Playing tennis with a racket for beginners when you are just getting started in this sporting world, could give you more advantages than you think. Some of them are for example:

  • Better development of coordination within the field.

  • Greater power at each impact, without investing a serious amount of force.

  • More comfort when training and participating in beginner tournaments.

  • Less exposure to injuries that could ruin performance.

  • Superior savings in the purchase of sports equipment.



Did you find the journey interesting? Do give us a shout. The decision to select the best tennis racquet is a very important decision. It can delight you or even frustrate you. But armed with the knowledge that you have gained in these pages, you cannot go widely off the mark in your choice.

This list of best tennis racquets is for the year 2019, and our endeavor will be to keep updating you as the years roll by. Do share your newly gained knowledge about tennis racquets with your friends and family, and tell them about us. After all, we are your new partners and we deserve a mention in your communications.

Feel free to engage with us or the world in general, by sharing your thoughts, experiences or suggestions, through the comments section below.

We thank you for visiting us here.

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