Shaun White Will No Longer Be Competing In Tokyo 2020

The news was just recently revealed that Shaun White will not be making an appearance in Tokyo 2020, as he has shifted his focus to snowboarding.

According to CBC News, Shaun White is reportedly not going to compete at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Fans don’t need to worry, as his absence is not at fault of an injury. Instead, he’s training for the winter Olympics that are set to take place in 2022. White has made several statements with respect to the difficulty of snowboarding, and just how intense the training is. He noted that if he were to train hard enough skateboarding to compete later this year, he would be putting his chances of snowboarding in 2022 in jeopardy.

Shaun went on to say that he couldn’t bear to risk losing snowboarding. Skateboarding has always been his Olympic forte, and he’s now reportedly ready to try new things. At one point in time, Shauna actually considered doing both skateboarding and snowboarding. An idea that, if underwent, would place him in an incredibly rare category. Athletes that are able to take on the Olympics every two years are seen by many as superhumans.

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Shaun is a 3-Time skateboarding champion on an Olympic level. Snowboarding on the other, Shaun does not compete at an Olympic level. All of his tournaments and competitions haven’t necessarily been on the world stage. Shaun intends to change this. He wants to qualify for the 2020 Olympics, and it seems as though he’s ready to sacrifice anything to achieve that goal.

With the 2020 Olympics right around the corner, a lot of fans are going to be disappointed when they aren’t able to see their favourite skateboarder compete. Fortunately, they’ll be able to watch him in an entirely different climate! 2022 here we come.