5 Health Benefits of Badminton [Why You Should Play It!]

Badminton is one of the most popular indoor games in Asia. It has a lot of recreational value and health benefits of badminton are quite high.

In countries around the world, including China, Indonesia and the United Kingdom, badminton is an exciting sport. So exciting is the BBC Sports Academy, which is the second most popular sport after football. In 1992, it became an Olympic sport, which gave it an increasingly international reach.

It does not matter if you are young or older if you play outdoors or indoors, this sport does not contact and is ideal for people and families of all ages and skill levels, explains Dr. Shirley Li, pediatrician and director of the Abbott Nutrition business in China and Hong Kong. “Since badminton is a flexible sport, playing it allows participants to move their joints in a healthy way, in addition to the neck, shoulders and back.” Since the game keeps the body in constant movement, Li explains, the eyes of the players do the same, “which is favorable for healthy vision, regardless of whether the player is young or older.”

All you need is the best badminton rackets to start playing this game. “Good badminton players must handle their breathing well; this is not only important to win the game, but also helps the respiratory system. “According to Li, it is an easy and effective way to stay active, while stimulating your mood, increasing energy levels and relieving stress.


Here are five health benefits of badminton

It may motivate you to take a badminton racket and start hitting that wheel.

health benefits of badminton

1) Badminton players cover a large area

This game is one of the fastest indoor sports in the world. In fact, according to the website worldbadminton.com, during a match of two sets, professional players run the equivalent of 1.6 km. Think of aerobic exercise, Play intensively for one hour and you can burn up to 480 calories.

health benefits of badminton

2) Its a good exercise for heart

The British Heart Foundation praises badminton and says that playing it regularly is great for keeping the heart healthy, conditioning and strengthening the heart muscle, reducing high blood pressure and limiting the risk of obstructions in the veins. And besides all that, you can take advantage to socialize.

3) It’s perfect for integral physical conditioning

As in badminton movements are made at a very fast and constant pace, you do an important and comprehensive physical work, explains the United States Badminton Education Fund . It runs, it jumps, it turns and stretches, and all this increases the pulsations. Studies conducted by the Department of Physical Education at Baylor University showed that during 20 minutes of play, participants made at least 350 address changes of 90 degrees or more. Using the racquet also requires arm-length movements, more than some baseball players in the Major League see during their games.

health benefits of badminton

4) You gain flexibility, mobility and muscular strength

It is not necessary that you are a professional player to do it. All those movements and stretches that you do to hit the steering wheel keep you in action and movement, and this is especially important as we mature. Since badminton is so active, you become more flexible as you play. If you play it regularly enough, you will increase your stamina and also your muscle mass.

health benefits of badminton

5) It is a sport with benefits that go beyond the physical

If you play it the right way, you will move almost every muscle in your body during the game. The Badminton World Federation points out another equally important aspect: children who play this sport strengthen eye-hand coordination, agility, speed and balance. And who would not like more of these things, either to participate in sports or for everyday life?

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