Top 7 Strategies on How to Play Badminton Better

On our blog, we have already posted an article about how can you play badminton. In this post, we are going to talk about how to play badminton better.

Before playing badminton we need to know some basic rules, you can find the rules in here. also, we need to have some playing equipment like Badminton Rackets, Shoes, Badminton nets, Shuttlecocks.

Also, we need to know about the rules. We have two articles about Badminton Rules, one is for normal people who want it easy and short, this article is here and another one is for the geeks and researcher, Click here to get it.

So How to Play Badminton Better?

Badminton is a fun game to play and a great form of exercise. As per best sports nutritionists, to be a pro player you need to have a hell lot of energy and stamina, this game is all about running so you need to run a lot and need to follow some basic rules and strategy.

The badminton game that can be played both individually and in doubles, consists of 3 games, being a game of the best of three (who first wins two games wins).

We have enlisted seven strategies, if you follow these rules you will be able to play badminton better at this game and can be an advanced level player.


how to play badminton better

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So, in a nutshell, what should we consider

  1. You always need to hit the center of the shuttlecock
  2. We need to hit the shuttlecock or feather at the top of its arcs
  3. Hit the shuttlecock with power, always towards the backline
  4. Try to return to the middle of the badminton court. It will help you move towards any direction in the court
  5. Practicing short serves always helps, your opponent will be confused and can gain you a point
  6. Footwork is important, always be careful about your footwork and practice it properly.
  7. First thing last, Never give up, Always try to hit the shuttle.

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