How Do You Play Badminton?

The victory of Carolina Marín in the Badminton World Cup has reopened an aroma of curiosity for this sport in Spain. The Huelva girl has become a pioneer who, like other great athletes in their respective specialties, has planted a new seed in society to feed this sport. But not everyone knows its most relevant aspects. Next, the keys to understanding badminton.

Essential materials: racket, steering wheel and shoes

In badminton, there is an essential element that is the racket, in which they face, as, for example, in tennis, or two players (individual) or four (double). With the racket, which weighs between 70 and 100 grams in high competition and is composed of carbon fiber, the steering wheel is struck, a cone-shaped object whose tip has a hemisphere that is surrounded by 16 pens, which have the purpose to make the steering go slower. Its weight ranges between 4.74 and 5.50 grams. It should never touch the ground. It can reach 400 kilometers per hour, more speed than an F1.

This would be the equivalent of the ball in tennis. The purpose is to throw it into the opponent’s field. For this, the track is divided by a network (1.55 meters high). In reference to the footwear that is used, it is very light. They have a rubber sole, or other similar material, whose grip capacity is very high.

Basic badminton game rules

Take off: The game starts at the moment one of the players moves from the right to the diagonally opposite. This rule applies to all even points. In the case of odd numbers, players will draw and receive in their left boxes. After the serve, the ball can go to any sector of the opponent’s court. The player must hit the steering wheel below the waist. In the case of doubles, only the receiver can touch it.

Scoring system: All the modalities are disputed to 3 sets of 21 points each. In the case of a tie at 20 points, the game continues until reaching two points of difference. (Example: 26-24). If the game is prolonged, the first one that reaches 30 wins.

Who wins the point?

In the exchange of blows between server and receiver, the player who does not commit a foul will win. Remember that it is missing if: The steering wheel receives two hits in a row by the same player The steering wheel touches the ground The steering wheel does not pass the netThe steering wheel falls off the track or touches the roof (the matches are played on the indoor track).

Measures track

The track is the place where the game develops. The dimensions of the field are 13.40 m. by 5.18 m. wide in individuals and 13.40 m. of length by 6.10 m. wide for doubles. The lines are four centimeters wide. The individual field is delimited by the interior sidelines and the bottom line; that of doubles by the outer lateral lines and the one of the bottom.