Badminton 1: Fundamental Rules

Basic material Badminton 1: one racquet per person and one steering wheel. In general, these are fairly cheap and easy to obtain materials.

The steering wheel is the mobile used to play badminton and has a conical and open shape: the cone (tail) is formed by 16 pens inserted around a base of hemispherical cork (weighs between 4.74 and 5.50 grams).

The racket is light and it has three parts: head (with string), rod (or rod) and grip (the place where it is held).

Objective: to make the flyer fall on the opposite field or that the opponent is not able to return it to our field.

Modalities: individual (one player against another), double (pairs) and double mixed (each pair formed by a boy and a girl).

Game space: in individual the game space measures 13,40m. long by 5.18m. wide, divided into two equal parts transversely by a network located at a height of 1.55m.

In each field, there are two service areas (left and right). The service (or serve) is made from the service area in which we find ourselves towards the service area diagonally opposite in the other field. When the putting of the team that performs the service is even (0, 2, 6, 14 …) it is always dribbled from the right service area, and when it is odd (1, 5, 9, 13 …) it is made from the left.

Score: it is necessary to be in possession of the service to score points. The best of three sets is played, therefore the game is won by the first player in two sets. In the male category, one set ends when you reach 15 put, while in the female category you have to achieve 11 points.

The set of masculine parties must be won with a 3-point advantage. In the event of a tie at 13, the player who has arrived first may opt for a jump-off at 5 points. If they reach 14 tie points, the tiebreaker option will be 3 points.

The set of women’s matches must be won with a two-point lead. In the case of a tie at 9, the player who has arrived first may qualify for a tiebreaker at 3 points. If they arrive tied at 10 points, the tie-break option will be 2 points.

Fouls: the following actions imply the loss of the game action that is being disputed:

– Send the wheel out of the field of play.

– Carry out the service outside the service area that corresponds to us.

– Perform the service with the steering wheel above the waist.

– Avoid the service (serving) furera of the counter serve area.

– Hit the wheel in the opposite field and/or touch the net with our racket.

– Touch the net or the posts that support it during the game.

– If the steering wheel stays stuck in the net or in the racket of one of the players.

– Hit the wheel more than once consecutively by the same player (or his partner, in case of doubles).

Videos: then we leave you with some spectacular badminton plays.