What is Badminton – Everything About Badminton

Badminton is not so popular in the US, so a lot of American tends to ask what is Badminton. We hope this review from sportyreview.com will help you to understand a lot about Badminton.

The badminton is derived from a primitive Chinese game called battledore. It is a sport in which two players (singles) or two pairs (doubles) face each other. Both players or teams are located on opposite sides of a court, divided by a net.

Those who wish to participate professionally in badminton must possess aerobic endurance, strength and speed, as well as technical skills related to coordination and skill with the racket.



what is badminton

The current badminton game arose in Asia, specifically, in India, where it was called Poona, like an Indian city where it was originally played. However, some believe that Badminton arrives in England in 1873, where it is broadcast by Duke Beaufort. The first official tournament in that country is held in 1899 and is gradually implanted in the United States and Canada.

As an Olympic discipline since 1992, it comprises three modalities: individual (male and female), double (male and female) and mixed doubles.



what is badminton

When the badminton is practiced regularly, the strengthening of the arms and legs becomes noticeable. In a few months, the student will feel more flexibility and hardness in the knees, thighs, shoulders and ankles. The half-hour badminton training is equivalent to one hour of tennis. For workouts, we recommend using a sports t shirt, shorts and rubber-soled shoes.

This sport stimulates aspects such as speed and endurance, to a greater extent than any other racket sport. The badminton puts to work almost all the muscles of the body. Due to its game characteristics, it demands more movement than tennis. Badminton can be practiced in an amateur way throughout life. Many coaches recommend it as a sport of constant physical maintenance, which acts positively on the circulatory system.

In addition to the physical benefits, their practice will help to reduce the tensions of daily routine and encourage interpersonal relationships.

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Basic Rules of Badminton

what is badminton

Throughout its history, the badminton regulation has undergone certain variations. In 2006, the IBF approved some new statutes. They are still playing up to three sets, of 21 points each. Previously, the points had to be obtained through the serves; in the new regulation, can be obtained during the normal procedure of the game, once the flyer falls on the opponent’s field.

In the event that one of the players or pairs, win two consecutive sets, will be declared the winner, without the need to dispute a third. If there is a tie at 20 points, the set will continue until two points of difference are achieved. If you reach 30 points without the difference indicated, the advantage of one point will be accepted to give the winner of the set (30 – 29).

When individual matches are played, competitors must position themselves diagonally, one from the other. The serves are made in a similar way to tennis, only the shuttle is hit below the player’s waist.

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Serving in Badminton

what is badminton

The Badminton presents a range of striking techniques. With the exception of long service, all hits can be made from the right or from the back. In the middle and front area of the field, it is possible to perform the right or backhand strokes with the same efficiency.

However, if you are in the bottom area, it is best to hit with the right. It must be taken into account that due to the fact that it requires more technical conditions, the backhand stroke is always more complicated and not recommended for beginners. One type of hit quite effective is the hit on the network. This technique aims to use the network to hinder the reception of the opponent.

The shock half – court are auctions where the player jumps to connect more strongly the steering wheel. In the case of the service, a variety of possible blows are presented. You can choose between performing a short, long or tense service.


what is badminton


Before you start practicing this sport, you need to know the right equipment to play badminton. The rackets in the badminton are characterized by being light. Its weight varies between 70 and 100 grams. They are made with carbon fiber. This material has the advantage of being quite resistant to its weight and possess an excellent transmission of kinetic energy. Here is a list of best badminton rackets available in the market.

Before carbon, rackets were made with aluminum or wood. While adjusting to the official measures, the rackets have different models, depending on the style of play of the athlete. Currently, the most used model is the one with the head in an isometric form. The racket should be caught with the little finger, the ring finger, the middle finger and the forefinger, leaving the thumb free.

The steering wheel or pen is used in the badminton ball. It is conical in shape. It consists of 16 pens, inserted around a cork base, covered in leather. The badminton regulation footwear corresponds to a pair of shoes with a rubber sole, which has a small lateral support.



what is badminton

The badminton field is basically composed of the track, the net and the poles. In the case of individual games, the track must be rectangular in shape, 13.30 meters long and 5.18 wide. In doubles, matches will correspond the same length, by 6.10 meters wide. The ceiling height may vary between 7 and 12 meters. The track will be delimited by lines of 4 centimeters wide, white or yellow.

A space of one meter, completely free, must be maintained around the track. The posts have a height of one and a half meters. They need to be stable enough to sustain the network. The net is a dark mesh that can be made of thin strings or synthetic fibers, with a coupling of 15 to 20 centimeters. It has the same width of the field (6.10 meters), by 75 meters in height.