11 Best Victor Badminton Racket 2019 Reviews

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For high-quality best victor badminton rackets, you are in the right direction. If you are looking for a Victor training racquet or a badminton racket to play in high-level matches, you will find our review here.

11 Best victor badminton racket reviews 2019

1) Victor Jetspeed S12 badminton racket

The Victor Jetspeed S12 is the racket with which you can open the attack to your opponent. The racquet is made of Hi-Resilient Modulus Graphite, TERS and PYROFIL. These are resistant but lightweight materials, with which you can make the most of your racquet. The PYROFIL material ensures that the blows that are released during the blow are silenced as much as possible. The isometric shape the blade provides a larger sweet spot during hitting. This makes it easier to hit the shuttle in the right place on the racket.

The grip size of the racquet is G2 and therefore falls into the Mittel L Medium category. The length of the racket is 67.5 inches. With a weight of 92 grams (3U) is the racket heavier than normal rackets. The weight is the most obvious with the blade of the racket. This provides more power behind the strokes. The stretch is maximum 13 KG. This bag ensures that the cover stays well at extreme temperatures.

What does our expert say?

The most important positive and negative points at a glance


  • Includes Thermobag
  • A weight of 92 grams (3U)
  • Grip size G2 (Mittel L Medium)
  • Isometric leaf shape
  • Made of Hi-Resilient Modulus Graphite, TERS and PYROFIL


2) Victor Jetspeed 10 badminton racket

With this Victor feather badminton racket, you get optimal control. The Victor Jetspeed 10 is a balanced racquet with a rigid middle frame. This makes it a little harder to create speed, but it ensures that the badminton racket does exactly what you want. The PYROFIL and Nano Fortify technology help players generate extra power and speed, making the attack game possible.

When buying a badminton racket you often have the option of choosing between two frame shapes, oval or isometric. This has to do with the “sweet spot”, the point where the tension of the strings is the most optimal. The badminton racket Victor Jetspeed 10 has an isometric shape. This means that the interface is larger than with an oval racket.


  • It weighs only 87 grams
  • Combine Pyrofil and Nano Fortify
  • Technology Globe
  • Rigid medium
  • Balanced


3) Victor Hypernano X 900 badminton racket

Victor Hypernano X 900 is probably the most suitable racket on the market. The X Air has 82 grams and the same balance is made to give the player the maximum agility and therefore the (apparent) hits as easy as possible. For players with good technique, the Hypernano is a racket you can trust. With good tactics, the racket helps you maintain control thanks to precision and control. To maintain sufficient strength in the strokes in addition to maneuverability, the racquet has a stiffer frame that ensures more repulsion.

To make such a lightweight racket without breaking it and offering a consistent build quality, Victor has used three high-end materials. The most striking material with Hypernano X Air is the use of TORAYCA PREPREG. This is a carbon-based polycarbonate that guarantees the firmness of a lightweight racquet. Should this family material look like? It is used, among other things, in the tail of the Boeing 777 and 787, but now it is perfectly suited to the production of badminton rackets.


  • Made of high-end materials
  • Equal balance for the complete game
  • Stifling frame for more power
  • It weighs only 82 grams!


victor badminton racket

4) Victor Light Fighter 7000 badminton racket

Because the Victor Light Fighter weighs only 76 grams, you have a very light badminton racket. The advantage of a lightweight model is that it can perform quick actions with ease. Practical while defending or doubling. The disadvantage is that with a light racket it is more difficult to obtain strength in your strokes. This racquet is, therefore, less suitable for beginner badminton players.

Suitable for the complete badminton player

Because this racquet is equipped with an equal balance and a rigid mid-frame, with the Victor Light Fighter 7000 you have an ideal racquet when you are a versatile player. Thanks to the good balance and speed of this racquet you can play both defensively and offensively. Are you primarily an attacking or simply defensive player? Then it is advisable to choose a racket that is suitable for this type of games.

Isometric frame

The Victor Light Fighter 7000 badminton racket has an isometric leaf shape. In comparison with an oval racket, also called classic, an isometric sheet has a larger sweet spot. Because of this, you can also make a big hit when the shuttle does not get right to your batter. Practical as a novice badminton player, but also as an experienced player because the strength of an isometric model is less than an oval racket.

Equipped with stretch

The Victor Light Fighter 7000 is already covered. The maximum tension of the racket is 12 kilograms. Ashaway ZyMax 70 ropes with a diameter of 0.7 mm are mounted on the racquet. The characteristic of these chains is that they belong to the thinnest and strongest in the world and lose the minimum tension.

Other features of the Light Fighter 7000 racquet

Do you want to buy this badminton racket? Then you will receive a practical bag of rackets with the purchase in which you can store your racket safely. The Victor Light Fighter 7000 is 67.3 centimeters long and runs in a beautiful combination of light blue/black. The grip is also black. With the Victor Light Fighter 7000, you have a beautiful racket that you can enjoy for years.


  • Material: graphite
  • Balance: ‘heavy head’
  • Flexibility: average
  • Isometric racket frame


5)  Victor Light Fighter 7500 – Badminton Racket

With its 78 grams, the Light Fighter 7500 badminton racket is one of the lightest racquets. The strength of the racquet is due to the combination of light weight and the fact that the balance is at the top of the racquet, which guarantees that your acceleration generates extra speed. Because the racquet’s flexibility is average, the moment of contact of the shuttle with the racket will be longer than with a racket with a rigid frame. In this way, more energy can be transferred to the shuttle, which will make your shot even stronger.


The badminton racket is made of a very strong and lightweight material, namely ultra-high modulus graphite. Graphite is a material that is often produced in tennis rackets. It is not only a resistant and light material but also very durable. Graphite will not bend or break quickly, so the Victor Light Fighter 7500 is a purchase that will give you years of fun.


When buying a badminton racket, there is a choice of various forms of frames. The Light Fighter has an isometric shape. A racquet with an isometric shape has a larger interface than an oval shape. The interface is the point of the racket where the tension of the strings is the most optimal.


  • Suitable for the versatile players
  • It weighs only: 76 grams
  • Includes storage bag
  • Isometric frame


6) Victor Jetspeed S 12F Badminton Racket

It is a lightweight racquet ideal for players with an offensive style of play. The racquet is made of High Modulus Graphite and CSR. These are light but resistant materials. This combination ensures easy handling of the racquet and great precision. The racket has an isometric blade. This ensures that there is one bigger sweet spot is so you can hit the shuttle well. The racket weighs 83 grams (5U) and has a length of 67.5 inches. The grip size of the racket is G2.


  • Suitable for an attack game style
  • It weighs 83 grams and a length of 67.5 centimeters
  • Grip size G2
  • Maximum stretch of 11 kilograms
  • Isometric sheet
  • Made of high graphite module and CSR


7) Victor Brave Sword 12 badminton racket

It is the perfect combination of balance, power and precision. The racquet is made of high modulus graphite and has an isometric blade. The medium flexible handle ensures a good balance between power and control. The heavy balance head provides a large amount of support with strokes, making the racquet extremely suitable for an aggressive playing style. The racket weighs 85 grams and falls into the 4U category. The length of the racket is 67.4 inches.


  • It has a weight of 85 grams (4U) and a length of 67.4 centimeters
  • For an attack game style
  • Medium flexible handle and heavy head balance
  • Made of high modulus graphite
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