How To Choose Running Shoes For Walking?

Walking is the cheapest sport in the world and perhaps one of the most enjoyable. And getting the best running shoes for walking is quite a tough job.

But of course, to be really comfortable it is necessary that your feet are shod with good running shoes. These shoes should properly support the foot, to prevent twisting, as well as offer comfortable support that favors the natural posture of the foot and eliminate tensions.

What Are The Best Running Shoes On The Market?

Although some shoes may seem to be good for everything, the reality is not like that. If you want to walk comfortably, you need to choose the right model for this use. With our guide to choosing the best running shoes for walking you will have the necessary information so that your shoes do not become a problem halfway.

Shopping guide


Although it seems something as simple as a number, hitting the right size is key to ensuring the comfort of our shoes. To find this size, it is necessary to measure the feet, using one of the applications and models found on the net or simply on a blank sheet of paper and, depending on the size, see the corresponding size. To this size is added one more, since the feet tend to swell during exercise and it is always better to be more comfortable to be narrow and we end up squeezing the foot.

It is advisable to verify the type of size that is offered to us, to see if we refer to European sizing or American sizing since there are differences between one and the other. Mild, but just enough so that the chosen shoe is not comfortable.


Just as running shoes have a slight forward lean, walking shoes must have certain elements in their design. Among them is the straight design in its axis of development, which allows to directly focus the weight in a homogeneous way and without pressing any part of the foot. For this same reason, the sole must have a flexible design, allowing the necessary twisting to make a proper foot turn, compared to the flattest footprint, typical of the running shoe, for example.

The bending grooves must be present to assist in said bending, as well as to give adequate adherence to the piece. Something to which the heel bevelling also contributes, which, in addition to adding grip, allows the foot to be strengthened when taking the step. Although it may seem a very special design, it is not difficult to find shoes according to it, even in an affordable and affordable model.

The materials

Unlike other types of sneakers, when it comes to choosing a pair of running shoes, the materials must always be lightweight and breathable. Light because, since you will not make great efforts or supports, as it happens in mountain boots, for example, it is advisable to save weight that reduces the effort you make when walking.

And breathable so that the foot is always fresh and dry during exercise, avoiding fungal problems, chafing and the like. As a choice, it is advisable to opt for interiors made of textile material, with adequate breathability, with exteriors in leather or high-quality synthetic material, which maintains that freshness and prevents moisture from entering the shoe. The materials and construction must be resistant so that the shoes have a long and always comfortable life.

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