Best Badminton Rackets 2019 (#19 Picks & Clear Winners)

Discover our Selection of the Best Badminton Rackets 2019, a list of the Top 23 best racket for badminton by sales & quality during August 2019!  If you are looking for which badminton rackets are best, you are in the right place. Check Out this excellent article to buy your next badminton racket.

The choice of a badminton racket is always something very personal. Each player has their hobbies and their style of play. So when buying a racket, the decision will almost always depend on these factors. 

Some will opt for light rackets, especially those who suffer some muscle injury, others will seek stability for a more aggressive and fast game.

After all, badminton is an Olympic sport, and we can play as a professional or amateur. To play this sport, we need some specific equipment, in particular, a high-quality badminton racket. Thanks to a right racket, you can control the blow and establish the trajectory of movement. Experts from tested these products and listed the best badminton rackets available in the market.



Best Badminton Rackets 2019 (Our Top Choices)

  1. Yonex Voltric 7 Neo Badminton Racket – For Professionals
  2. Ares Red 68 – Both Offensive & Defensive, Good for all level
  3. Senston Badminton Racquets Set – Good for Intermediate level
  4. LANGNING Badminton Racquet Light Racket – For the advanced player, powerful smash
  5. Yonex Arcsaber FD Badminton Racket – for intermediate and professionals
  6. Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton Racket – For Intermediate Players
  7. Yonex Voltric Z Force II – Professionals, Unique Tri-voltage System
  8. Yonex Nanoray 700fx – Offensive and Defensive, For Professionals
  9. Yonex Nanoray 900 Badminton Rackets
  10. Yonex Nanoray 750 Badminton Racket
  11. Yonex Nanoray 70 DX
  12. Yonex Voltric 80 E-tune Badminton Racket
  13. Yonex Duora 77 Badminton Racket
  14. Yonex Muscle Power 2 Badminton Racket
  15. Champion Sports Badminton Rackets – For KIDS and starters
  16. Jinque Badminton Rackets– Complete beginners
  17. Senston 2 badminton racquets -For Beginners
  18. Yonex Nanoray 20 badminton rackets– for serious beginners


Yonex Voltric 7 Neo Badminton Racket – For Professionals

best badminton rackets

If you plan to play badminton more often than casually, to play well, you will need a quality racket. The Yonex Voltric 7, one of the best badminton rackets, has been well-valued by many professional badminton players around the world. It is undoubtedly the alternative to consider, whenever you think about using it very often.

It is one of the best and most manageable rackets that you can find today. Thanks to the TRI-VOLTAGE system and the additional weight in the upper and lower areas of the head.

The strings are of high quality, which ensures that the player can make the strokes stronger even away from the center, directing them in the desired direction.

The design offers excellent comfort during the game, due to a unique control cap for a firm grip and a built-in assembler for durability.

Choosing Yonex Voltic 7 will take your game to a new professional level and help you overcome the most experienced players on the track.

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Ares Red 68 – Both Offensive & Defensive, Good for all level


best badminton rackets

The Ares Red 68 is also one of the best quality badminton rackets by many professionals. It is also an excellent find for all types of players, fans and experts that can improve your gaming experience in every game.

With this racquet in hand, a player can return all the punches, regardless of where the steering wheel lands. Because of the isometric shape of the head, allows the players to return it to the opposite field. For those who take badminton as a more serious sport, the design of the racket will excite them.

When we see its price, compared to other models, it seems cheap. But it is a racket with a professional design when playing with it on any badminton court.

Also, it brings its transport case, which makes storage and transport more convenient and saves us having to buy it separately.

This racquet is a decent option for someone who wants to improve their gaming skills significantly.

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Senston Badminton Racquets Set – Good for Intermediate level

To play as a family, the manufacturer Senston has created a set of 2 badminton rackets with their two bags to store and transport the rackets to the place where we go to play.

Senston Badminton Racquets Set

In terms of performance, you can tag it as one of the best rackets, which is quite lightweight. Therefore, they are convenient to be used by both adults and children.

Due to a slim design of the shaft and the frame, they ensure a much higher speed in blows. You can play for hours and not experience any fatigue in hand, enjoying the balance and the power of the strikes.

The Senston kit may not be the best option to play in a professional badminton court. But if you do it occasionally with your family or friends, this pair of rackets for badminton will be perfect, keeping you excited and active for a long time.

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LANGNING Badminton Racquet Light Racket – For the advanced player, powerful smash

best badminton racketIt is made of 100% carbon fiber. Besides, it has a nanotube, also carbon, which ensures excellent repellency and improves movements. In this sense, it is an ultralight and thin, which is tough and best racket for badminton, but at the same time stable and robust, to provide maximum speed and power to the swing. For these reasons, some users consider it one of the best choices for a badminton racket of the moment.

It has a length of 675 mm, its grip is of size G4 and its balance point is 300 cm. It also has an approximate weight of 66 g, with a possible difference of 2 g, so it is very light and can be stringbed between 13 and 15 kg.

On the other hand, it has an isometric square head that combines the length of the strings and extends the point of precision. Also, it incorporates a crosshead that connects the frame with the shaft to give greater strength, durability and free of torsion.

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Yonex Arcsaber FD Badminton Racket – for intermediate and professionals

If you still wonder what the best badminton racket is, the Yonex Arc Saber FD can offer you an answer. Thanks to its carbon nanotubes that improve its structure considerably, making it more flexible. Which, in turn, improves control over the point of impact.

It is a rigid racket, so it has more power during its performance in the field. It is made of graphite, which, together with the Nano air Spring technology, form a resistant structure that achieves a better energy transfer. In this way, you can make a much more powerful blow.

On the other hand, it weighs 78 g and its grip is suitable for size G4. It also has an appropriate stringing to support a tension of between 9 and 11 kg approximately, which provides an equilibrium point of expansion in all directions.

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Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton Racket – For Intermediate Players

It is one of the cheapest in comparison to other similar. This racket is only 95 g, so it’s one of the best badminton rackets available in the budget. And also, it will be possible to take them from one side to another to training without causing exhaustion or running the risk of suffering shoulder injuries. That’s why it made it on our list of best rackets.

They are made entirely of aluminum alloy, which is usually used in highly flexible racquets. Also, they have an oval-shaped head to provide a much broader point of balance, which improves defense efficiency and achieves a more useful range.

They have an anti-slip handle, which prevents movement and friction during grip, making them more comfortable and designed for long workouts. On the other hand, each one has 22 transverse and 22 vertical cords, with a tension of between 9 and 12 kg, to give it more strength and power, it also includes a belt bag.

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Yonex Voltric Z Force II – Professionals, Unique Tri-voltage System

If you are a professional and keen to play the best, then you need to have this Yonex Voltric Z force. It has the thinnest shaft and it also increases the smash energy by its unique and improved TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM.  Which made it one of the best and high-quality badminton rackets of all time.

This racket produces the most massive breaks quickly. It is a known phenomenon that represents a lid of massive violent breaks racket more difficult, but at the same time, reduces the speed of operation.

Tri-Voltage system ensures that the Voltric Z-Force 2 has unrivaled handling.

They are made entirely of Carbon fiber alloy, which made it strong. Also, it has an extra stiff flex, which made it the best of its kind.

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Best Badminton Racket for Intermediate Player

Yonex Nanoray 700fx – Offensive and Defensive, For Professionals

It is one of the best badminton rackets in the Nanoray series. It has a tremendously high-quality framing, which makes it perfect for attacking and defensive play.  It’s not the lightest racket of Nanoray series. This badminton racket has two versions of 83 gms and 88 gms. It has a standard grip, which is G4. You will feel its grip when you hold it with your hand. 

Pros – 

  1. Perfect Head Speed
  2. Durable
  3. Easy to maneuver

Cons – 

  1. Smashing is not perfect
  2. Expensive


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Yonex Nanoray 900 Badminton Rackets

yonex badminton racketNanoray, the latest light head series from Yonex, provides a fast and controlled swing with improved repulsion through the new Aero frame. Nanoray is designed for players who force their opponents at the back of the track with extreme speed. The thinner upper side of the frame minimizes air resistance for higher head speed, while the thicker sides at the bottom of the head generate maximum repulsion through higher stiffness of the frame. It has been made using a completely new structure that will eliminate the angle of the steering wheel for an entirely new perspective for your smash jacks.

  1. Full of advanced technology
  2. New frame angle for additional control and powerful spikes
  3. Ideal for intermediate students and advanced players


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Yonex Nanoray 750 Badminton Racket

yonex badminton racketsBadminton racket Nanoray 750 has a revolutionary structure design, which increases aerodynamics along with an increase in the power of repulsion. Also, the super-slim shaft is designed to absorb impact from impact and transfers the speed generated in turn to the shuttle. Together with the built-in T-joint that avoids the Nanoray 750 racket pair with its light head balance, it is a right racket in the fast and furious doubles game.

  1. Aero Marco
  2. X-fullerene
  3. Weight: 85 grams
  4. Balance: Light Head


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Yonex Nanoray 70 DX

yonex nanoray 70dx badminton racketsThe Yonex Nanoray 70DX badminton racket is an Allround racquet with Hard Frame technology. This technology is used by Yonex in rackets with an aluminum frame and offers high durability and stability of the racket head. Ideal for the start of badminton players.

  1. Hard Frame
  2. Weight:  83g
  3. Balance: Head heavy
  4. Flexibility: Stiff


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Yonex Voltric 80 E-tune Badminton Racket

The combination of incredible power and fast racquet grip for the first time, Voltric is the ideal racquet for players looking for exceptional performance ‘integral.’
For the first time, without counting Voltric’s TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM achieves the combination of massive violent breaks and fast racket grip.


  1. More speed in the offensive units. More power in final shots.
  2. Flex: Rigidity of the frame: HM Graphite, nanometer, Tungsten
  3. Axis: HM Graphite, NANOPREME


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Yonex Duora 77 Badminton Racket

yonex duora 77

The Yonex Duora 77 badminton racket is an All-round racquet with Hard Frame technology. This technology is used by Yonex in rackets with a Graphite frame and offers high durability and stability of the racket head. Compared to the Carbonex 7000DF, the racquet has a superior stiffness and a good balance, which means that it needs a little more power to get the transport to the bottom of the track. Ideal for the start of badminton players.

Yonex Muscle Power 2 Badminton Racket

yonex muscle power 2 badminton racket reviewThe badminton of Muscle Power 2 badminton racket is designed for players who are starting with badminton. It has an isometric racket head, which guarantees that even with punches out of the center of the shuttle, it will still fly true.


  1. Weight: 95 to 99.9 gr
  2. Balance: Neutral
  3. Flexibility: Rigid
  4. Length: 67.4 cm
  5. String: BG-LL
  6. Max. stringing: 9 kg
  7. The shape of the blade: isometric
  8. Construction: Aluminum Graphite


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Best Cheap Badminton Rackets for Beginners

Although we tend to think that the inferior cannot be good. The reality is the opposite and that sports brands tend to have very affordable models of their products for all those people who are new to the sport or simply practice it for fun.

The same thing happens with rackets. One hand, we have professional rackets. These are manufactured with the latest technology and their prices are usually very high. Especially if you are not professional or you are starting and do not want to make significant expenses.

But if what you are looking for is reliable and best racket for badminton at affordable prices, do not despair, the market is full of great options. From the cheaper models like the champion sports to Senston racket for badminton, a reliable and resistant racket that does not exceed $50

Another exciting and affordable model is the Yonex Nanoray 5, a robust and reliable model of the leading company in the manufacture of badminton rackets.


Champion Sports Badminton Rackets – For KIDS and starters

cheap and best racket for badmintonChampion Sports is one of the leading brands in the badminton racket market. It is a reliable brand and recognized by the usual players.

It is a very basic racket for all those who want to discover the bádmiton. It is quite reliable and has a meager price (less than $20), which is the perfect racket for those who want to play badminton for the first time. And those who are not sure if they will like it — ideal for schools and sports schools, which need a good supply of quality badminton rackets for kids.

It is a solid racket with steelhead and rod. The well-balanced head gives you higher hit power, which is ideal for aggressive players. Thanks to its slightly reduced length, it is very comfortable to handle — ideal for children.

Due to its low price, it can not be compared with other rackets on the list, although it stands out as the best option for schools and sports schools. Where cheap and manageable rackets are needed for children who are learning and who usually damage or break them. In addition to being shorter and lighter, they will be effortless to handle.

Its most significant advantage is its price since it does not exceed $20. The lower price makes it among the best options for occasional players or children who are taking their first steps in this sport. We can get one of these rackets to try the game and if we do not like it, we will not have made any significant outlay.

Its inconvenient is its durability. These rackets tend to have a short-lived string and tend to break with some ease, also because its price is not worth the repair. It can be a problem since we will not always have product availability.

It is a perfect racket for children who take their first steps in this sport. It is light and solid, being “cut” model is ideal for the little ones. A great option for schools.

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Jinque Badminton Rackets – Complete beginners

Jinque is one of the great brands of badminton rackets, used by some professional players, is a reliable and recognized brand for making winning rackets.

A great racket, robust, reliable and creates an excellent gaming experience. It is ideal for occasional badminton players or for children and teenagers who take their first steps in this sport. It is also the perfect racquet for aggressive players looking for more power in their game.

Manufactured from a carbon and graphite alloy, it is one of Jinque’s newest models. The middle rod is made of graphite and the isometric carbon head is designed to offer a more striking surface. It is designed to provide the best control and the most significant power to the player. It combines solidity with efficiency to provide an ideal racquet for non-professional players.

Its advantage is the strength of its graphite rod. In addition to being a somewhat superior model is more functional and provides better performance to the player. We have the reliability of a great brand. 

Its biggest drawback is that its aluminum head can be fragile, especially if you are an aggressive player, the head tends to bend or twist. Luckily, it has an arrangement. It can be somewhat harsh and its reduced length can be a nuisance for more experienced players.

The Jinque’s badminton racket is an excellent racquet for an occasional or first-time player. It is ideal for getting started in the sport. It is reliable and perfect for beginners and people who do not play often. Excellent manufacturing is above many of the cheapest rackets on the market. It is an excellent option for little ones or occasional players.

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Senston 2 badminton racquets -For Beginners

senston badminton racketSenston is one of the leading brands in the manufacture of racquet sports equipment. With thirty years of experience behind him, Fukuda has developed rackets and customized accessories, which seek to meet the needs of athletes and players.

The Senston is a very basic racket for first-time players. It is ideal to start in badminton because it provides a perfect balance between weight and balance. It is a very economic racket, but it has all the necessary qualities to start training and become a professional.

Its isometric head makes it easy to hit and offers a considerable advantage for first-time players. It is manufactured entirely in graphite for greater strength and durability. It is a very flexible racquet, which makes it great for all types of players. Its high degree of resistance makes it an ideal racquet for badminton schools because it supports the blows well.

Compared with other rackets on this list, the Senston will be much more resistant since it is made entirely in graphite. Without alloys and mixtures so that it will be more durable and reliable. It is a better option for more experienced players, because, despite its price, it is a terrific racket.

Its most significant advantage is its composition since it is made with graphite, without alloys. It makes the racket support the blows well. It is robust and with a large striking surface, which is an advantage for those who start. It is sturdy, so it is especially recommended for schools of badminton, where children learn to play with them and often take many hits.

The Senston 2 is an ideal purchase for first-time players, especially for children who start or for badminton schools. It is resistant and of impeccable manufacture, above all, for the adjusted of its price. This racket meets exceedingly with its functions. It is solid, manageable and very economical.

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Yonex Nanoray 20 badminton rackets – for serious beginners

YONEX NANORAY 20Yonex is the best-known brand of badminton rackets. Yonex manufactures rackets of the first level. It is the mark of the champions. Yonex manufactures its rackets by series, depending on what each player looks for at each moment.

The Yonex Nanoray 20 is a comfortable, durable and very reliable racquet. It is conceived with care for occasional badminton players, a solid racket, without many frills, for non-professional players. It offers the comfort and endurance of a top-notch racquet at an affordable price.

The Nanoray 20 is a reliable and powerful racquet, for aggressive players who enjoy giving the best of themselves. The head is made of aluminum, which provides greater strength to the whole, by reducing the weight of the head will allow stronger and faster strokes. The thinner lines at the top allow harder strokes, while the slightly thicker bottom offers greater force to the stroke.

Also, its isometric shape considerably extends the centering area. The rod is made of graphite, so the racket will be durable and will withstand any blow and release of the game. It is designed with Aero Frame technology to achieve an excellent punch.

The Nanoray 20 is a great racket, compared with some of the previous options, is an advantage for the players because of its New Aero Frame technology allows a more reliable handling and greater control over the hit.

Its main advantages are the reliability of a leading brand of badminton, the structure of its aluminum head, designed to weigh less and offer a better striking surface. The combination of elegant and thick lines allows an ideal balance between power and speed. 

Yonex Nanoray 20 can be considered as the best racket for badminton, which is a complete beginner. It may not have all the features that a more experienced player needs. The aluminum head can be somewhat fragile, especially for inexperienced players and children, who can hit and damage it.

Yonex is always synonymous with quality. The Nanoray 20 is an ideal racquet to start playing badminton or for all those occasional players who are looking for an economical but special racket. Lasts in the hit and easy to use, the Nanoray 20 is a great purchase.

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Shopping guide


which badminton racket is the best

When making a comparison of the best badminton racket, we must take into account that two or three parts can form them. In the first case, the rod and the head create a single piece that is attached to the handle and are usually used for occasional games of amateurs or beginners. In the second case, the head, rod and handle are independent and their use is more appropriate for professional players.

The head of the racket usually has an oval shape and has a sweet spot or broader balance to achieve greater reach and, therefore, more effective in the stroke. Also, at present, it is widespread to find other isometric or square head, which offers more significant advantages, such as the expansion of the vital point, which provides greater precision.

The string refers to the area inside the head that is composed of interwoven ropes. In most cases, these strings are made from carbon fiber or nylon. In this sense, its importance lies in the level of tension, which can modify the point of balance, resistance, among other aspects.

The rod is the piece that connects the head with the grip and is usually much thinner than that of the rackets used in other sports. Also, they may have greater flexibility or rigidity. It depends on the intention with which it is used and the taste of the player.

The handle is the part of the racket that is held by hand and must be covered with fabrics or anti-slip and antifriction synthetic materials. To prevent it from falling or causing damage to the player’s hand.

On the other hand, many rackets can incorporate a piece called a crosshead, which connects the head with the rod, to give it more strength and endurance, as well as comfort during the game.



To know how much a badminton racket costs, you must know the materials used to make its components, such as graphite, aluminum, or carbon fiber. In the case of graphite, it offers a high level of quality that improves the stability of the blow, prevents the frame from being deformed and reduces the possibility of causing shoulder injuries.

Aluminum can offer an excellent and economic racket, as well as being lighter and more flexible, which avoids fatigue caused by playing time. On the other hand, carbon fiber is a material that usually improves the essential characteristics of the structure, since it provides better control over the point of impact and offers greater flexibility.

Likewise, it is essential to highlight the Nanoscience technology, which integrates nanocarbon particles, which, when combined, create a lighter, thinner and stronger structure. Also, it increases the speed and power to dispense a more forceful blow.

best racket for badminton


The weight of this type of racket is measured in grams and should be between 70 g and 100 g approximately. This being so, it is essential to know that the more massive provides more power and the lighter ones offer more ease of movement. In this sense, some of them can weigh between 40 g and 80 g.

The proper length for badminton rackets should be between 50 cm and 70 cm, making it possible to achieve models with 66.2 cm or 67.5 cm in length. Also, the handle has specific dimensions that refer to the size of the hitch, can be measured in millimeters or inches and the way to express it is by numbers from 0 to 4.

Stress levels are measured mostly in pounds or kilograms, the most common being between 8 and 11 kg, 8 and 16 kg, 10 and 12 kg. Also, it is essential to note that the racket must be straightened several times a year, depending on the use, to maintain the proper tension and obtain the desired results.


Characteristics of the Best Racket for Badminton

This game is not played with a ball, but with a feather or birdie, it will be described in other points of the article. The badminton rackets have a series of characteristics that must be studied thoroughly for anyone who wants to enter the discipline.

They are usually lightweight and composed of carbon fiber, along with other materials. In the beginning, they were made of wood and little by little, and they changed the elements until they became what they are today.


Measures of the badminton racket

Internationally, some royalties must be met. The badminton racket requires a series of actions that must be met to be valid for the player to participate in a contest.


Those of good quality handle a weight between 70 and 100 grams (without cordage). Although in the previous years, the rackets were made with light materials such as aluminum and wood.



Badminton rackets have a length ranging between 58 and 67 centimeters. There is a variety of designs that allow players to choose the one that best suits their style.


Badminton racket manufacturing

Making a badminton racket is a particular and essential task. It must prevail that the instrument consists of two parts, the head and the rod.

The throat joins both the head and the rod parts, which is a little wider than the rod, located at the bottom of the head.

Up to the throat, the rod is thin; when it reaches the bottom, it ends up becoming a handle. Once selected, the handle is placed on the handle; this should be wide so that a closed hand has a comfortable grip.

The string will be made on the head with a design similar to that of a tennis racket. Only the tension will vary depending on the design and preference of the racket.


Design of badminton racket head

Your weight varies. The racket has the following components: head, rod, ropes and grip.

There are two ways to manufacture the head, the oval and the isometric and its main components are carbon fiber and graphite.


Design of the rod, the handle and the ropes 

The strings are synthetic, with a multifilament core, the player chooses the tension of the cable; it is molded to your liking. Rigidity also depends on the player.

Graphite becomes the preferred material for processing. The handle is made of polyurethane and is thin or thick, also based on the demands of the player.


Types of grips

Each player is coupled to the technique most suited to their knowledge. In badminton, only two types of grip are known that differentiate an inexperienced competitor from an experienced competitor.

The universal grip :

It is the most common; most of the strokes are made with this technique; you should consider the following steps:

  • The end of the handle or handle should rest on the abdomen. The string must go perpendicular to the ground and hold it with two fingers of the hand with which we will not hold the racket.
  • The palm of the open hand with which the grip will be made should be on the rope.
  • Little by little, the hand should go down until it reaches the handle and close to the handle, close the hand (two fingers should be near the end.) The little fingers, ring and heart, should exert enough pressure and keep them closed, while the thumb index should be maintained open


Badminton rackets near me – where to buy racket for badminton?

You can find a badminton racket in any sports shop near you. But that’s a long process. You have to go to that shop, choose a racket, pay and then come back to your house. 

But is way easier to buy any new badminton racket. Amazon has the best collection for anyone and everyone. You are a beginner or a professional. You can find the badminton racket you are looking for. 

You will find every single brand in Amazon from Yonex to Willson and can see the customer’s review to understand if you want to buy it or not.


Badminton rackets for occasional players

If you want to play a few days a year, do not break your head. Buy a Cheap Badminton Racket, or even a set of 2 or 4 if you are going to play several people.

In this situation, you will not mind too much that weighs a few grams more or less, the shape of the head. Where has the weight, what kind of flexibility has, much less differentiate if it is control or power? After all, your game is not developed and you will hardly notice the difference between one and the other.


Buy a Good Quality Badminton Racket to play regularly

A different situation is if you have decided to practice badminton in an amateur way, periodically. In this case, you should make a slightly more significant investment and take into account certain aspects.


If you are starting, the first thing you will have to do is learn to handle the racket according to the blow you want to make. And also the area of the track where you want to send the wheel. So it is better to choose a Control Racket. Better with an isometric head than an oval one.which badminton rackets are best

Badminton rackets with an isometric head have a higher sweet spot (the optimal area to hit the steering wheel), and therefore, it will be easier to control the blows.

If you already have a slightly more advanced level and control the game, you may prefer to opt for a Power Racket. It sacrifices the control somewhat that you will have to contribute to utilizing your technique, but it facilitates the sharp blows to you.

Choose Control or Power, choose a right badminton racket, do not stay with those aimed at sporadic players. You will notice the difference in your game.


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Badminton Rackets when you know your style of play

If you already go a step further and play at a certain level, then you must have the Best Badminton Rackets. If you are not sure which to choose, surely your coach knows how to orientate you on the most suitable type.

best racket for badmintonBecause when you play in a somewhat defensive way, what you need is manageability. So you want the best racket for badminton with more weight in the handle than in the head (Low Balance) and make it light. You do not need to be exceptionally rigid. However, at this point, you know your style of play. You already know if you play offensively or defensively and that information will help you with the election.

But if on the contrary, you like to attack, then you need power. And to get it you should lean towards a Badminton Racket with more weight in the head than in the handle (High Balance), which is rigid and with a not so lightweight. All badminton rackets weigh little, but that difference of a few grams can bring you a plus strength.

There is also the possibility that you have a multiplayer game, both defensive and offensive. In that case, you need an intermediate point between both types of racket.

That is, you need the weight to be distributed throughout the racket (Neutral or Medium Balance). The weight, as in the previous case, maybe slightly higher, although here it will depend on how you feel more comfortable, as with flexibility.

best badminton rackets for kids


What to keep in mind when buying a badminton racket?

Before buying the best racket for badminton, you must take into account some factors such as the tension of the ropes, flexibility, balance, or size of the grip. The rackets, in the end, should be like an extension of the arm itself if what we want is to feel comfortable.

If you are still confused about which badminton racket is the best, then go for your gut feelings. And take any badminton racket within your budget. If you are a complete newbie or play for fun, it won’t bother you a bit. But if you are a professional badminton player, then go for out expert choice and you will find a sweet option for your next game. 

In badminton, as in any sport, choosing the ideal team is as necessary as knowing how to play. It is essential that in the store we try the best rackets for badminton before deciding on one or the other. We have to feel comfortable with it and it has to adapt to our style of play. An inappropriate choice can be harmful to an inexperienced player, so when choosing, it is better to take some time.

Also, each racket will be appropriate for a particular style of play or even for a type of player. For example, stronger players like stiffer racquets because they provide more power, so they can corral the players at the end of the track. Agile players, with a softer game, prefer lighter racquets, which allow them to play smoothly and make quick wrist cuts on the net.


Before finishing, remember that another essential element when playing badminton is the shoes. Here you have a wide variety to choose from.