You might think that cats vomit is a strange subject, but the fact is that many cats vomit. And this thing is quite regular for the older cats.

I want to review some of the basic reasons why older cats vomit and the best cat food for the older cats that vomit. It will help you understand the potential causes of your pet’s problem, which you can later discuss with your veterinarian.

It is important to know that there are many reasons why older cats vomit. It’s not just one or two reason- so the answer to this question is usually not simple.

One of the Most Common Reasons for Vomiting in Older Cats is Feeding

If your cat is carrying an inappropriate, poor quality feed, this could be contributing. Inappropriate means that the proteins in your cat’s food are not approved for human consumption. These probably consist of leftovers from slaughterhouses – feathers and beaks of birds, animal skin, hooves, eyes and head. These pieces and parts are considered as proteins, but they can be difficult to digest and assimilate by the body of your pet, which can cause vomiting.

Food allergies

Some cats develop food allergies and in fact, this is a very common reason for intermittent vomiting over long periods of time.

If your cat does not seem to have a problem, that is, has a healthy weight. It also does not seem sick and has normal energy levels, but vomits occasionally, you should consider a food allergy as the possible cause.

Food allergies develop when cats are fed the same food over and over again. Many people who have cats will think, “but my cat would not eat anything else!” That’s why cats tend to be fed the same type of food year after year-not because people do not want to change their diet, but because cats refuse to eat other types of food.

Addicted to Seafood

In my practice, I have seen many cats that are addicted to seafood and birds. They can not stop eating these two proteins and if they are fed another source of protein, they will reject it.

You may have to resort to cheating to make your cat eat a variety of nutrients.

If your cat vomits on a regular basis, it is important to consider feeding as the main cause. Feeding it with the same type of protein, although an excellent quality source of human nutrition. It can cause gastrointestinal inflammation and food allergy. So it’s not just about the quality of the protein, but also about changing the proteins frequently.

I recommend that you change your cat’s diet for the food of human nutrition degree. And, afterward, incorporate a diet based on raw foods.